Saturday, August 3, 2013

Adam Grasmick presents his Research Work in the 21st Annual McNair Scholars Research Symposium

Adam Grasmick, Botany major, described his research on leaf anatomy and morphology of Tillandsia complanata, a widespread epiphytic species from the Bromeliaceae. Very little is known about leaf structure differences in bromeliads in relation to light exposure, and his research is one of the first studies to address this question.

Bromeliads are ecologically important epiphytic and terrestrial monocots in the New World tropics and subtropics and play an important role in sustaining the biodiversity. These specimens were collected from the Cloud forest in the Napo Province, Ecuador.

Adam’s presentation was one of the twelve talks delivered in the 21st annual McNair Scholars Research Symposium in UW Wyoming Union on Monday, July 29, 2013. McNair Scholars program prepares undergraduate students “to pursue graduate studies by providing opportunities to define goals, engage in research, and develop the skills and student/faculty mentor relationships critical to success at the doctoral level.”  Dr. Greg Brown (Chair, Botany Department) is serving as Adam’s mentor for this research project.

--- Contributed by Adam Grasmick

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