Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cloud Forest, Ecuador field course

Interested in adventure and would like to explore the wild world. Live in the Cloud Forests (Ecuador) and be part of a team discovering new life forms in the eastern Andes Mountains. This course is taught as a Honors course (HP-4152-01: Cloud Forest Ecology in Ecuador) allows students "to study forest ecology at a high-elevation cloud forest in the Andes Mountains."

Dr. Greg Brown, Professor and Department Head and Dr. Scott Shaw, Professor, UW Renewable Resources, take students every summer to the Cloud forest of Ecuador for exploring and studying plants and animals in these tropical evergreen forests.

Dr. Brown found a remarkably small orchid
More information about this course can be found in 2010 Reflections (UW College of Ag Publication)

Interested to know more about this course?  Contact Dr. Brown

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