Friday, October 14, 2011

Botany research work provides tools for plant conversation efforts in Wyoming

Walter Fertig recently completed his doctoral degree requirements. His research focused on a) characterizing species rarity patterns in Wyoming, b) mapping areas at risk for losing species, and c) developing quantitative methods to assess where species at risk are currently present and where they could grow in the state. Dr. Fertig developed a ranking system that evaluates species rarity and identify areas for conservation priority which is used by land management agencies in Wyoming.

Click on any of these links for more information:

1. The BLM modeling report by Fertig and Thurston (2003) (4MB)
2. Appendices for species abstracts and background info on the 44 species(35MB)
3. Species distribution models(31MB).

Contact Information:
Walter Fertig
Moenave Botanical Consulting
1117 W Grand Canyon Dr.
Kanab, UT, 84741, USA
Phone: 435-644-8129

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