Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Remote Sensing Minor

                                            Landsat 5 image:  Can you name the place?

The Botany Department just approved the addition of a Minor in Remote Sensing to our list of offerings.  This gives students from any department the chance to add a valuable qualification to their diplomas while learning about how we use satellite imagery to study the earth's surface. 

Students pursuing the minor will be required to take three courses:  Introductory and Advanced Remote Sensing (BOT 4111 and 4211), and Vegetation Ecology (BOT 4700).  The latter is required because remote sensing isn't limited to sitting in front of a computer processing images -- it requires a detailed knowledge of the environmental factors that drive the distribution of plants across landscapes. 

In addition to the three required courses, students can choose from a list of electives that cover other aspects of remote sensing, GIS, and spatial modeling. 

We're excited about the new minor, and the opportunities that it will provide for students to learn about this increasingly valuable science.

If you are interested in the new minor and want to find out more, contact the Botany Department.

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