Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rocky Mountain Herbarium and Solheim Mycological Herbarium Grow

Thanks to funding from the Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center, the Rocky Mountain and Solheim Herbaria were able to add 160 new herbarium cabinets.

These cabinets were desperately needed to accommodate the growing collections, much of it being stored in boxes and not available for study. Over the next several months both collections will be reorganized to make room for the backlog of specimens in storage.

More information about the Rocky Mountain Herbarium can be found at its website.

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  1. What can you tell me about Dr. Solheim and his interesting Mcological herbarium? He was a correspondent of Mary Strong Clemens, plant collector in Sarawak, New Guinea, etc. but in her archived letters I do not find his first name or any biographical material. For a book on Mary Clemens, a notation on Dr. Solheim would be helpful.